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An idea like no other - Wagbat website launching

An idea like no other - Wagbat website launching

August 7, 2017. Yemen, Sanaa. One Graphics announces today the launch of Wagbat on Wagbat is a new service website that allows users to order food from different restaurants in Sanaa. After successfully signing up on the website, the process of ordering your favorite food is very clear and easy.

An idea like no other and one of its kind in Yemen.

"Following our passion towards technology and digital media, we looked for the most concerning issues that matter our community, FOOD! and when speaking about food, we aren’t just aiming at the meal itself, but the food culture in general.

In a developing country like Yemen, E-commerce is not common, due to lack of online payment, we decided to disrupt the status quo and build a system that makes people’s lives easier, a food delivery platform, that contains of a fully responsive website and mobile apps with multiple payments options." Said the creative director of One Graphics Ibrahim Saleh

The accuracy in all the details from programming to design were the most important aspect for the website’s purpose giving the fact that it is not just an informational website.

We partnered with Wagbat to bring their passion of the idea to appear in the little details that the website holds.

Nonetheless this is just the start, as more features will be added with time, you might even be sending a food gift to your loved once in Yemen even thousands of miles away.

“No more worrying about who will be bringing food, no more begging for a drive to your favorite restaurant. Wagbat does it for you”

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