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Hyundai Yemen Digital Survey

To whom of you who doesn’t know, lets talk a little about Hyundai & the world cup. Hyundai as an official partner, their ambition was to unite football fans and give them opportunities to celebrate their love of football. Well.. that what we did too, but in a little different way.

  • An idea was born

    Who would hate a combination of football and a chance of winning a luxury sport car? It’s like strawberry and chocolate, oreo and milk, no one can hate it. So that what we did! not the food thing, the football, car one.

    The world cup was soon to start and we had it all planned with Natco Automotive, Hyundai’s representer for the car brand in Yemen, the chance to win 2 Veloster cars through an online survey was put into action as the FIFA world cup kicked off.


Embarking on the brand approach, we looked into establishing a stronger and more direct relationship with the brand’s customers and fans. Our work had to begin with full understanding of the survey steps and requirements.

Turning the survey into a digital experience was a smart idea aiming to reach the highest number of customers. While in the comfort of your home, watching your favorite teams playing, accessing the survey and competing for your dream car was not a problem…

User Experience

Our primary focus was to provide a friendly user experience as browsing through the survey. The idea was to make the user feel the luxury of the car while flipping through each of the survey questions. Pictures of the car from its interior to exterior were used on each page of the website making sure to create an entire car experience and feel to tailor a connection with the user.

A notable feature was building the site to be responsive, providing a perfect experience for each visitor. So if you are attached to your mobile… don’t worry, we got you covered.

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  • Tiib website


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